About Us

We are a team, passionate about fashion, so much, that, we dare to venture our online fashion blogazine, a fusion of blog and magazine, working with real people; meaning people of all sizes and even with beautiful curves and colours and in real locations and photos straight out of the camera, because, thats, what we call ‘real works of arts’.

‘Our Style is Fashion’ is an online blogazine with a vision to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, artists, designers, photographers and also, for models to showcase their talents and creative performing arts, by Hagardhs BV a private limited company registered with the chamber of commerce in The Netherlands and supported and maintained by Studio Asiemik.

Our team comes from three different cultures and backgrounds, Netherlands, Poland and India, but we have one unifying mission, ‘we want to inspire people to go beyond their boundaries and connect with the world with their creative talents. We tell stories with our photos, write content to-the-point to share insights about people, designs, fashion and arts, and strive to bring fashion updates to our audience’.

Amrit Singh – Co-Founder
Mohinder Sobti – Co-founder, Publisher & Editor
Bobby Singh – Photographer & Publicist
Joanna Kulis – Photographer
Karolena Bert – Design & Tech
Gracie Singh – Website & support

Hagardhs – Studio Asiemik
Postbus 22018
1100 CA. Amsterdam Z.O.
The Netherlands
Email: studio@asiemik.com